The IT Shed

The IT Shed

IT for Sheds

Welcome to The IT Shed

Welcome to The IT Shed, a Virtual Men’s Shed focused around computers, software, websites, networks and the use of IT to the benefit and interest of members of UK Sheds. For more information on UK Men’s Sheds, click here (opens in new window).

The IT Shed is different from most Sheds because:

  • Most Sheds make things in wood or metal – we make things in software and hardware.
  • The members of most UK Sheds (Shedders) come from the local area where the Shed is located. The IT Shed is made up from shedders who have some IT or associated skills; the Shed’s members can be geographically distributed, making use of various (IT) technologies to communicate and share information.
  • Our members are usually members of other, conventional Sheds.

We have various projects underway or proposed, including:

  • Making major enhancements to the current UKMSA website
  • Building a replica PDP11, based around a Rasberry Pi (Started at Reading’s Shed – The Silvers’ Workshop).
  • Educating Shedders at various skills levels (from basic how to use email and how to get onto the world of the internet, through to building and programming computers like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and fixing your own PC).
  • Building this website

To do this, we need the involvement of people with various skills, including but not limited to: programming (especially WordPress, PHP and/or c/c++), software testing, project management, IT support, electronics, and more).

If you would like to find out more, please click here or phone Mike Brading on 07767 396316.